Individual Therapy

We all feel a loss of control at one time or another during our lifetime. Life can easily throw us off balance. Where there is silence and shame there is human suffering. The goal of individual therapy is to create an individualized approach to help you find relief, purpose and meaning.

Couples Counseling

Yearning for love and closeness or to finally be understood by your partner? Couples therapy will delve into the relationship dynamics causing distress. The goal of couple’s therapy is to empower each individual to learn healthy patterns and obtain emotional intimacy.

Children/Adolescent Therapy

I once heard a saying “A mother is only as happy as her saddest child,” and I believe this is true. When our children are struggling, we are struggling. The goal of therapy for a child or adolescent is to improve functioning. This happens in therapy when they are provided a safe, objective place for them to process their emotions.

“You have a gift of finding strengths in everyone. Thank you for helping me find my way.” KM

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